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How To Maximize Boosted Promos with The PromoGuy and Kevin Davis

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On this week’s episode of 90 Degrees, host Kevin Davis is joined by The PromoGuy, a Sportsbook promo advantage player. The PromoGuy looks to provide value to the betting community by posting the expected values on many widely available sportsbook promos. In this episode on 90 degrees, Ed and The PromoGuy discuss all things boosted promos from the best available ones to the misconceptions around the promos themselves. They look at how sportsbooks have evolved with how they advertise to the customer as they start to prioritize boosts over TV commercials with the Manning brothers. From there they discuss bad-beat refunds and discuss both sides of the table. Comment below your favorite sportsbook-boosted promo!

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Join host Kevin Davis on 90 Degrees as he brings on guests to discuss the right betting angles in sports every Friday morning. Kevin Davis is here to break down his guests' favorite sports betting angles from modeling to steam chasing and everything in between.

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Kevin Davis brings on some of the brightest minds in the sports betting and gambling industry weekly. The guests discuss what they believe to be some of the best sports betting angles they’ve come across, as well as some actionable information to help you improve as a sports bettor.

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