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NHL Handicapper

Alex B. Smith is a professional sports handicapper who has been in the industry for over a decade. Known for his sharp knowledge in all sports, especially hockey, Smith has been featured in various websites, print, radio, and podcasts over the years. Originally born on the South Side of Chicago, Alex now resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Hammer Director of Content

Alex is the Head of Content at The Hammer Betting Network. He educated himself as a bettor after spending years donating his money as a reckless youth, and has been on a redemption tour ever since. He blames all his losses on variance. All his favorite teams suck.

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Pro Sports Bettor
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Brad is know for his proficiency in college football. A Journalism grad in 2008 and formerly of the Phil Steele Publications from 2009 to 2014, Brad has been a pro bettor since 2015.

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NFL Handicapper
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Clevta has been a successful NFL handicapper for the past decade after initially starting out as a losing recreational bettor. His approach has been refined throughout the years and entails a combination of deep bottoms-up fundamental team and matchup analytics to go along with a strong knowledge of the betting market. He has been a regular contestant in the Westgate NFL Supercontest and Circa Millions, where he has posted an aggregate 56% win percentage since his first entry in 2013. His advanced degree in Finance has helped him gain success in the NFL market. Although he loves to golf, his NFL handicapping well outperforms his golf game.

Hammer Creator
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Clive has found some success in the sports betting space over the last few years. At the end of 2021, he was one of betstamp's highest-ranked overall bettors. He has appeared on CirclesOff, as well as several other podcasts, hoping to help newer bettors learn. Like many others, Clive started out as a successful poker player. Once legal in NJ, he began to take advantage of some promos. During COVID he studied the betting markets and began to understand line movement. He uses his data to form opinions on the opening lines, and integrates market info and player news, to find as much value as possible to beat the closing line.

CFB/(W)NBA Handicapper

Douglas Farmer has covered Notre Dame football for various outlets since 2008, including for NBC since 2017. Gradually and naturally that job led him to spend more time focused on the national college football landscape than on the Irish. There is no better shorthand to discuss 130+ teams than gambling on them, which is why Douglas now spends as much time as he can discussing college football through a gambling lens.

VP Sumer Sports
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Eric is the VP of Research and Development at SumerSports. He previously was with PFF, where he has been a part of building analytical tools for NFL and NCAA teams, along with all major media entities and sports bettors.

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Pro NFL Bettor
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Once started with a Doug Heffernan avatar analyzing NFL matchups in the Covers NFL forums. Turned his hobby into a full-time job and now makes a living off sports betting. Passionate about closing line value.

Geoffery Feinberg.jpeg
Mayo Media Network

Geoffrey has been producing sports betting content for radio/tv/internet since 2010. He wins money on golf so he can lose it on football. Currently you can find Geoff talking golf and NFL at oddschecker, Mayo Media, and Betsperts.

Hammer Creator

George is a professional Sports Bettor primarily focused on Football, Combat Sports, and Political events. Before he left his job to pursue Sports Betting full-time, he worked in News Media creating connections within the world of business and politics. As a content creator, his goal is to blend both his worlds and provide an educated look inside the world of sports betting.

Hitman Headshot.png
Pro Sports Bettor

Professional sports bettor specializing in NFL and props.

Iain MacMillan.jpg
Senior Editor FanSided
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Iain hails from Nova Scotia, Canada where he grew up a die-hard sports fan. Iain's fandom developed into a passion for sports betting and he's been working in the industry since 2018. His beloved Falcons and Leafs break his heart on a yearly basis.

Headshot BLUE.png
Amateur Hour Sports
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Jacob Gramegna is a seasoned sports fan and is the host the Amateur Hour Sports on YouTube with Toronto Raptors and NBA specific content. After receiving a degree in Sports Administration he pushed to create his own name in media and was rewarded with an opportunity to work with the betstamp team. Now transitioning to The Hammer network he is working closely with fellow creators on the production side as well as furthering his own reach on content in the betting space.

Hammer Creator
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Kirk Evans is a seasoned better in multiple sporting areas but specializes in the NBA. He is the co-host of The Board podcast on the NBA content division of The Hammer Betting network.

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College Sports Bettor
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Jon is a trial attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In a decade of betting, he has primarily concentrated his efforts on college football and college basketball.

Joey Knish.png
Semi-Pro Sports Bettor

Gambling Twitter Degen. Grinding that rent money. Once called “basically a card counter” by Dave Portnoy. Sports betting is his only interest and his entire life.

John Laghezza.jpg
MLB, NFL Writer The Athletic
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John is an MLB and NFL betting and fantasy columnist at The Athletic. He's the host of The Mix and Corked Stats on Mayo Media Network, as well as a featured guest on VSiN's A Number's Game. He was a 2021 FSWA Baseball Article of the Year finalist.

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betstamp Co-Founder

CEO of betstamp, passionate about betting UFC and American sports.

Jon Reid.jpg
Hammer Creator

Jon has been a sports fan his entire life, taking after his late grandfather who was a big Chicago Cubs and Toronto Maple Leafs fan (yes, it was painful prior to 2016!). Having played tennis from a young age, starting with summer tennis camps and then playing at the local club and for his high school team, he's always had an interest in the sport. His passion found another gear after attending the College of Sports Media and working in sports radio in Toronto. Learning to move from a prediction-based approach to probability evaluation led to some very successful seasons betting on the sport. Join him on a fun ride full of variance in a sport that is played for 11 months of the year!

Senior Betting Writer theScore

Matt Russell has been betting for 20+ years, with great success in Las Vegas NFL handicapping contests. Annually in contention, Matt finished 16th out of almost 1500 entrants in the 2014 Supercontest, and 35th out of over 3000 competitors in 2019. Matt currently can be read on theScore app, as a betting analyst for pro and college football, NHL, and golf.