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Totals (Over/Under) Betting

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One of the largest betting markets in every league.
Find out how to bet on totals.

Totals (Over/Under) Betting

A totals bet (also commonly known as an 'over/under bet') refers to a wager where you are betting on the combined amount of points (or runs, or goals) that are scored in a given event. In this type of wager, the winning team and the point spread have no bearing.

Let’s use the following example:


The total for the Warriors vs. Lakers game is listed at 213. This means you can bet on whether you think the total score will be over 213 points or under 213 points.

  • If the Lakers win 110 to 101 (a total of 211 points) the game went under.
  • If the Lakers win 115 to 101 (a total of 216 points) the game went over.
  • A push would occur if the final score totaled exactly 213 points.

How is the Total Determined?

The total for each sport may vary on individual factors. Computer models will generally weigh the following factors and then determine an expected total:

  • Offensive efficiency
  • Defensive efficiency
  • Weather
  • Pace of play
  • Aggressiveness
  • Game location (some stadiums may yield different advantages - especially in baseball)

Once the number is set, the betting market will then dictate if the total moves up, down, or stays the same.

What Happens if a Game Goes to Overtime?

The totals do not magically stop because a game goes into overtime. If you have the under, you definitely do not want to see the game extend pass regulation time. On the other hand, if you have the over, then overtime can be your saving grace.

A totals wager includes all points that are scored in overtime. This is also true for second half total wagers.

What Other Types of Totals Bets are There?

A totals bet for the full game is the most traditional form of over/under wagering, but we can apply this style of betting to a vast amount of different bet types.

These bets can include halves, quarters, team totals or even futures such as player props and season props.

Can I Bet on How Many Points a Team Will Score?

Yes, this is also a very common type of totals bet, known as a “team total”. Here is an example of a team total:

Team Totals.png

Based on the above example, you have the option of betting the Lakers over or under 109 points, and the Warriors over or under 114 points.

Keep in mind, when betting on a team total, the opponent’s score is irrelevant. Also worth noting is the greater-than-average juice. Most total plays are offered at -110 on each side; however, when placing a wager on a team total, it is common for the sportsbook to increase this price to -115 or -120.

When Totals and Futures Collide

Bettors who love to make wagers on season-long props also have many totals options. From team regular season wins, to individual player stats such as total catches, yards, touchdowns, home runs, and so on….

The following is a team regular season win prop from the 2020-21 NFL season:

Totals and Futures Collide.png

Different prop totals give bettors an opportunity to have action on the team, or on individual players.