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No Stats All Story - Week 12

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Welcome back to our weekly newsletter which focuses on absolutely NO STATS and only the wild stories of the NFL on a weekly basis. This past week was a rebound for followers of the newsletter as we rattled off three wins and net $43 on the day. We are back in the green again! Our total record on the year now has us at $23 profit and boasting a respectable 2.3% CLV. But enough of the nitty gritty, let's go pick some more winners.

We are going to start off in the city of New York this week. The biggest story coming out of the big apple this past weekend was Zach Wilson delivering an absolute stinker of a game and then claiming that he did not let his defense down. His defense by the way, only allowed three points to be scored by the opposing Patriots offense, but no, he definitely didn’t let them down. Lets just say head coach Robert Saleh had seen enough and wouldn’t stand for this slander towards his defense. He pulled the plug on Wilson in favour of Mike White sometime earlier this week. We have seen Mike White before, last year he looked like an absolute stud for a few weeks, that is until he began plummeting back down to earth. Regardless of which White we see out there on Sunday, I see the Jets defense getting fired up for their head coach having their back. Look for them to feast against the Bears this week.

The most profitable show on The Hammer Betting Network for all of the wrong reasons finally treats its viewers to a win, much to the disappointment of the viewers who auto fade the picks.

The Pick: Bears vs Jets game total U38.5 -105 @5Dimes

Moving on to another dumpster fire of a quarterback room, the Carolina Panthers return to the original sin they committed and vouch for Sam Darnold to start this week over Baker Mayfield. Darnold is arguably known best for his famous quote on the sidelines, “I’m seeing ghosts out there”. The Panthers are facing the Broncos this week, a team who is starting a quarterback who is a ghost of his former self. Does this mean that Darnold and the Panthers have no shot? I’m leaning towards yes, and that’s why this pick leans into that assumption.

The Pick: Broncos -1 -104 @Betsafe

Closing off this week's picks, I’m looking for a story that provides me with a good sweat. Hearing news earlier this week that the Saints believe they are under utilizing Taysom Hill, that just gets my blood pumping. I’m prepared to absolutely unload the bankroll on all things Taysom Hill this week. I’m anticipating a week full of Taysom rushing touchdowns, passing touchdowns and the Saints surprisingly sticking around with what looks to be a powerhouse of a team in the 49ers. Below you will find a trilogy of picks that will be sure to get your heart rate elevated this weekend.

The Pick: Saints +9.5 -107 @Pointsbet

Bonus Pick: Taysom Hill Anytime Touchdown Scorer +320 @Pointsbet

Bonus Pick: Taysom Hill 2+ Touchdowns +2900 @Fanduel

That’s all for this week folks! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here after the Taysom Hill–Palooza we see on Sunday. Be sure to follow NOSTATSALLSTORY on the Betstamp marketplace for up to date picks!