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A unique type of bet that offers some big payouts.
Learn about how they work.

What is a Pleaser?

A pleaser is a group of bets which uses alternate lines (in the sportsbook’s favor) to make the bettor’s payout exponentially greater. In other words, a pleaser is a variation of a parlay that uses alternate lines. Pleasers are also the exact opposite of teasers. Pleasers pay much greater than teasers because the point spread is moved in the sportsbook's favor, as opposed to the bettor’s favor. Pleasers are available for both basketball and football wagers.

Parlay vs. Teaser vs. Pleaser

Let's compare a parlay vs a 6-point teaser vs a 6-point pleaser:

parlay v teaser v pleaser.png

As we can see from the above table, pleasers payout far greater than both parlays and teasers. Why do pleasers pay so much? Well, they are extremely difficult to win.

How Much Do Pleasers Pay Out?

It really depends on the individual sportsbook, but here is a general chart for pleaser payouts:

how much do pleasers pay out.png

Can I Add More Selections for a Bigger Payout?

Yes, the more selections added to a pleaser, the greater the payout. But remember, the more selections you add, the greater the probability of the pleaser losing.

Are Pleasers a Good Bet?

No, generally speaking a bettor receives worse odds on a pleaser. The house edge increases with every additional selection added to the pleaser. With each team you add to the pleaser, your potential payout increases, but so do the sportsbooks odds of winning.